TOHO Beading Needle #11 - Variety Pack of 6 (0.41mm - 3 Lengths) #Z1


TOHO Beading Needle Size #11 * 6 Piece Variety Pack (2 each - 0.41x60mm, 0.41x48mm, 0.41x36mm) Stock #Z1 *High Quality Japanese Beading Needles* size 11/o needle is a little smaller than most of the same size name and is a more flexible beading needle for those projects especially working with 2 hole beads where you are curving around to get into places and then it springs back without snapping or crumbling. Can pass through most Toho 15/o beads 4-5 times and 11/o Toho seed beads 9-11 times

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  • Color: TOHO Beading Needle Size #11 (0.41mm - 3 Lengths)
  • Size: 0.41mm
  • Packing Unit: piece
  • Packaged Units: 6

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